How to rent now

Visit the Property
Arrange a viewing (if you didn't already).
Agree with the Landlord
We recommend agreeing the move in date and any other terms with the landlord before you proceed.
Place Your Holding Deposit
The holding deposit shows the landlord that you are serious about renting the property. You wont get the deposit back if you change your mind, but you will get it back if the landlord rejects your application. The holding deposit will be credited toward your first month's rent.
After accepting your holding deposit, the landlord may request that you get referenced. The landlord will pay for any referencing costs.
Digital Contract Signing
Review and sign the contract at a time to suit you, using your phone or computer.
Pay Security Deposit
Once the landlord has signed the contract, pay the first month's rent and your tenancy deposit. We will protect your deposit in an official scheme and hold the rent until you successfully move in.
Are you ready?
Property: 24 peel road