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Cautious buyers/sellers – the house market’s New Normal

While less are buying properties ( 86,630 in July – a 12% decrease compared to last year), prices have steadily increased in value by the shortest margin, according to recent reports from one of the UK’s biggest lenders. The Halifax, part of Lloyds Banking Group, said that prices rose by 0.1% in June to August, compared with the previous three months. Brexit remains a curious subject and the public know little of the outcome, doubts will remain – even if the UK doesn’t. Will the property sector drastically change when Britain does leave the EU? Whether you’re a first time buyer, looking to swap homes or own multiple properties as a landlord, transactions will always take place. You just have to decide whether you can afford the mortgage payments consistently.

Millennial Homeowners -Are they over-saturating the property market?

Statistics and general consensus points towards a large amount of Millenial homeowners reaching out with both hands to locate any piece of real estate they can find as first-time buyers, and can you blame them? Real estate data firm CoreLogic recent report suggests that this is causing housing prices to soar (even more than usual) and this upward trend could increase with a number of factors (such as Brexit) the main reason why so many are snapping up new properties and potentially increasing housing prices.

New Landlords! All you Need to Know

Whether you’re looking to rent to a family, setting up some students with good ‘digs’ for the start of their educational journey or easing a couple into retirement, there’s plenty to think about when taking on your first buy-to-let home as a landlord. You need to cover many different aspects of renting a property so when the first tenant moves in, there will be less stress involved and a seamless transition to start running your business.

Are you Covered? How to avoid Underinsuring your Property

When insuring your property, there’s so much to think about when renting to tenants. There could be obvious issues like a fire or water damage (leak, mould etc) that would affect the way the tenants live and potentially devalue your properties. Also, there’s a number of other reasons that may cost you thousands of pounds if you underinsure.

The Tenant Fee Act – Why this is actually Positive for Landlords

While it may appear like a financial inconvenience for landlords, who will have to foot the bill for a larger chunk of property maintenance, this should be expected as an investor anyway. You only get back what you put into your assets, and the financial rewards at the end should be the end game. Yes you may have to cover the price of fees you originally and unfairly charged (through estate agents or yourselves), but think of the wider selection of tenants you can choose from in the future.

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